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Commercial business? We supply the only truly commercial quality pumps in the Valley!

Please contact our owner Greg Fuller for more info and a free estimate at 702-742-4671.

We pride ourselves on designing and installing the longest-lasting commercial patio misting system on the market. Our commercial-quality pumps are built specifically for commerical applications.

We use:

  • ONLY commercial-grade ruby-tip nozzles.
  • ONLY commercial-quality stainless steel mist line.
  • ONLY commercial-quality stainless steel compression fittings.
  • ONLY upgraded triple filtration.

Our patio misting systems are built to guarantee a long-lasting quality experience.

las vegas patio misting banner

1. We offer a wide selection of American made pumps.

2. We equip all of our pumps with upgraded triple filtration water purification system.

3. We equip all of our systems with upgraded ruby-tip nozzles. Finer mist. Less cloggs.

4. We use all nickel-plated stainless tubing which shines like a new barbeque. Or our optional powder coated tubing matched to your desired finish making your system virtually disappear!

5. We use all upgraded nickel-plated or stainless steel compression fittings.

6. We serve our customers with award-winning customer service and regular servicing of your system with all positive reviews since Day One (oil/filters/system acid wash/nozzle cleaning etc..)

1. Our competition offers imported light duty direct drive pumps.

2. Our competition offers a single sediment filter.

3. Our competition offers light duty residential mist nozzles.

4. Our competition offers standard stainless tubing with weld and burn marks from production.

5. Our competition offers inexpensive brass compression fittings.

6. Our competition offers poor to no maintenance.

We beat all of our competition in every category. Every day in every way! And normally, we do it at a 20% to 30% savings to our customers.

las vegas patio misting banner